Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rising Star - Jo-Anne Russell - Biggest 'Aha!' Moments in Writing

Jo-Anne Russell

As the full moon rises it shines its light of popularity on the horror genre. The market is bursting at the seams with an abundance of new and seasoned writers alike, all bringing new terrors to the minds of hungry readers. With so many choices, and busy lifestyles, how does one choose who, or what to read? But look up there to the right. Just below the moon shines a rising star; the anthology.
Horror anthologies are a great way for readers to discover new authors. With a diverse authorship, anthologies offer readers a buffet of talent and stories to choose from. What’s that? You don’t like the current author’s style? Turn the page! The next author eagerly awaits to entertain you; to reach inside you and direct your soul to their great novel where the two of you can spend hours together as you quake with fear.  
But why is the horror anthology on the rise as popular reading material? Great question, and the answer is as simple or as complicated as each reader them self. Horror is usually viewed as a genre that invokes the emotion of fear. This element can be shared in a short amount of prose by a skilled writer – sometimes in as little as 100 words. This is not so easy for other genres of emotion to convey. A simple sound in the dark can leave the reader with an uneasy feeling, long after the story has ended.
The point is, horror gets to the point, and fast! It wraps its claws around you and drags you through the darkest regions of your imagination. Like a rollercoaster, the ride can be quick; often leaving you sweating and gasping for breath. The horror anthology is an amusement park of rides, and although fast, it can have a lasting effect on your psyche.
Once bitten by the horror anthology it is easy to see why this prose is a natural go-to for the voracious horror lover.
            Now my question is, who or what, will you discover when the next full moon rises?

 Jo-Anne Russell writes horror from her home in Alberta, Canada. Plagued with eight children, and a multitude of pets, she withdrawals to the deepest part of her twisted mind to retrieve the stories only she can tell, as her husband guards the dungeon. You can find her in the darkness at:

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