Thursday, November 4, 2010

MG Interview with a Teenager

Today, I did an interview with my oldest son. We covered a wide variety of subjects about books. When it comes to writing, I like to get a feel for the target audience. Giving a kid the microphone can often reveal some honest answers.

My oldest son has no school this morning, all because of parent teacher conferences. I couldn't let him be too bored, so I gave a little work. The following is an honest look inside one teenager's opinion on what books need, what he likes, and what matters on the shelf.

It gave me new insight into what I'd need to write if I wanted his money. He's not to bad at writing either. I'd like to say something rubbed off on him.

How old are you?
Almost 14.

What books are in your top 3?
Quantum Prophecies, Dahveed, Stoneheart - All are fun to read, have well written characters. They are all really
different styles.

What is your favorite series?
Dahveed. I've got the first two. I think there will be five in the series. The writer makes the characters seem real.

When looking for a book, how important is a cover?
About as important as the title. A bad cover won't be read by most kids I know, including me.

Be honest.
I was being honest >)

Do you read the back of a book? How important is it? More or less than the cover?
Yes. It is verry important to me. It tells what the book is about. It's more important than the cover, but if the cover and title are bad then I don't read the back. Sorry.

Who is your favorite bad guy? Why? How about from TV? Why?
Balak, from Dahveed. He always knows what to say. Syler, from Heroes. He is very powerfull, but its funny when people get the upper hand.

Who is your favorite good guy? Side kick?
Abner. He is a bad guy and a good guy in Dahveed.

What book do you want to see made?
I only want one book to be made. Read the next answer :D

What would your book be about?
If I were to write a book it would be called Channel Ten. It would be about 20 kids who get abducted and are given suits, giving each of them powers. I would want them to be trapped in the middle of nowhere. After about an hour, speakers would rise out of the ground, explaining that they are being filmed for a live show on
Channel Ten.

The outside world would think they were just actors. They would be provided everything they need to live, but be forced to fight each other. Their suits would prevent any harm to their body, but they'd shut down, immobilizing the person inside, if their suit gets too much damage. Much too late, they find out they can not remove the suits.

The Catch? The people who refuse to fight disappear for days, only to return unwilling to surrender ever again. The 'Steel Building' they are taken to, no one will talk about. Could that be where Channel Ten's mastermind resides?

Here are some of the kids' names, powers and suit designs.
#1=Nate, shoots cannonballs,camo. #2=Zak, super strength, yellow.
#3=Noah, nothing,light green. #4=Derek, always has a gun, silvery.
#5=Tyler, springs water up from the ground, and then freezes it,light blue.
#6=Isaac, super smart, yellow with white hands and blue stripes.

What do you plan to do with your life?
Umm. I would love to create video games. I'd love to write video games.

Last question: What are the six most important things a book needs, in your opinion.
A smart bad guy that can never dies or always finds a way back.
A comic relief character or two.
A hero who doesn't always win. He can't be the strongest, just overcomes the most.
More than three characters.
I HATE figuring out the ending.
Hidden details that affect the book. If I notice it, then I get to know a secret about the book that most people overlooked.

If we listen to kids, sometimes they have some pretty neat pearls. Other times, they are more honest than you would expect.

Draven Ames

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Fiction Chick said...

This is SO interesting! I'm not surprised about the book cover or the blurb. I think I'm still the same way. If I buy a book online, I look at the reviews as well. If it's in the bookstore, I read the first couple pages. But really? Same as your son -- the cover makes a huge impact.