Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TrendE - New Social Networks

If programming were my forte, this would be my Social Network:



Video Social Networking for the person on the go and the businesses that fuel them.


TrendE.com would be a video networking site.

A) 7 second videos and 15 second videos downloaded into your TrendE stream
B) Videos are rated by viewers 1-5
C) Top 60 videos by your friends are shown in a TrendE channel, which can be switch on the right of the profile - like a personal TV channel only you own. I might know Stephen King, while you know Tony Hawk. Feels exclusive - no two people's stream would be the same
D) Your videos make it into your friends channels
E) If you are rated high enough, you will show up on a famous person's TrendE stream
F) TrendE worldwide channel is default shown on the right side
G) Themes, given by the TrendE (through paid advertisements and other income generating avenues - influencing popular opinion and so on)
H) Talent Searches and Castings done through TrendE - companies can do a theme of "Hershey's Commercial" and people all send in 7 second or 15 second videos. Perfect for companies who want a wide net and people who want to be famous (every social network sells fame, or the illusion of it)
I) A section to rate your date - 7 seconds. Stud or Dud?(was it a good date?) Truth or Tale?(did the person lie about your date?) You can also post this to your stream. - This creates drama and a confessional / reality TV show feel.
J) Trust Index - people can give negative points to liars and bad posters, similar to Ebay and TV ratings mixed together
K) Video profiles sections with typical questions.
L) Short bio and weblinks
M) Hover over links to see the 7 second video play
N) Promote through shows like ICarly - Tosh
O) Special channels for companies to make profiles. They can have videos of clients or testimonials, even commercials or introductions to their staff.
P) Local channels for schools, work and everything else. TrendE/ChannelITT and so on
Q) Participation would bring chances for prizes given by advertisers

There was more, but I'll think of it. Anyway, it would be promoted by writing up all the writers on Twitter and Facebook, offering 5% of the company to whomever got the most people to sign up in the first week. They could use our standard emails or write personal ones. We'd emphasize that the more personal their letters are, the more success they will have and the better chance they will win the 5% stake in the company.


A video capture application for all phones, cameras and video cameras, enabling the capture of seven and fifteen second videos, as well as the ability to post them to the net.

Anyway, that is what I would do if programming came naturally to me.

What would you do?


Kittie Howard said...

Wow, what an idea! I'd do what you'd like to do (if I had the computer brain to think of that.)

Summer Ross said...

I have no idea- but that sounds neat. LOL

Jeffrey Beesler said...

An excellent exercise of the imagination. I'm not sure what my site would entail, but I doubt it would include near the same details yours word.

By the way, uh, word verification on your blog is being particularly dirty, today. The Captcha people might have to rework some coding or something.

WritingNut said...

Very cool and innovative! :)

Michele Shaw said...

What an idea! Of course, there are the camera shy, like me, who might have a bit of trouble;)

Hope Welsh said...

That sounds cool, actually!

Draven Ames said...

Thanks everyone. About to put up an interview with Andrew Mocete. I hope you enjoy.

Really weird with the word verification Jeffery. Not sure the problem.

Draven Ames