Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shroud #1

Today, I had the pleasure of finishing Shroud #1. There were great stories by authors like Tom Piccirilli, Tim Waggoner and Curtis Bradley Vicker. Unwoven, by Tim Waggoner had to be one of my favorite stories. It was a second person story, which I haven't read a lot of before. It was done well, even being written about a writer. Mostly, I loved how Tim used the story of the Anansi.

The book reviews were very good. It made "Dead Sea," by Brian Keene, sound really good. The reviews didn't seem like they hold punches, so a good review by them would be nice.

They interview artist Michael 'Pooch' Pucciarelli. That guy has some creepy talent. His paintings are psychedelic mixtures of Disney meets Fear in Loathing. Great art from a tattoo artist. Stephanie Treto does a great job interviewing.

The DVD reviews sound good. They had Mr. Brooks pegged, pointing out the good and the bad. 1408 gets a great page and Cusack is offered a verbal pat on the back. I haven't seen Thr3e, but I will check it out now - even if it sounds like a rip-off.

Shawn Oetzel seems to know his stuff in these reviews. He goes out of his way to talk about actors, actresses, directors, special scenes, deleted scenes and the studios that bring us the films.

Shroud offers everything, including a horror themed crossword puzzle and plenty of artwork. There were about ten stories in all, each keeping my attention easily.

If you are a writer looking for a good audience, getting published here should be a challenge you want to overcome. If you are a reader, you should have this on your mailing list. With only 4 magazines a year, this should be a Christmas gift for all the readers you know.

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Draven Ames


Summer Ross said...

I have been out of the loop a bit- Homework gets in the way- So is there a link for Shroud? I don't think I have heard of it prior to your post and would like to know more.

Draven Ames said...

I put a link to their magazine in the blog. Thanks for asking. Great magazine so far.

Summer Ross said...

Thanks Draven!