Monday, July 18, 2011

My Youngest Son Interviews Lorna Suzuki

My ten year old son finished reading The Dream Merchant, by Lorna Suzuki. She has been kind enough to offer an interview to my little man. Without further delay, here is David's first interview:

1: Will you possibly be able to make the book turn into a movie?

Sadly, I have no say over whether The Dream Merchant Saga becomes a movie. First, a producer must option the rights to do that, but I’ve made no effort to pitch it to the film industry (yet). Maybe one day it will happen!

2: How many books are in the Dream Merchant Saga?

The Dream Merchant Saga is comprised of 3 novels, but who knows? Right now, I’m so busy with trying to finish writing the third novel, editing the second for release and trying to review my first three novels in my epic fantasy series, I just don’t have time for anything else. If I get more time to write, then maybe I will, but it will mean I have to write at least another two books to add to this YA fantasy series as four is not a zen number in my world.

3: Can I read the Dream Merchant Saga book two?

I’m so glad you’re eager to read the sequel, but you’ll have to sit tight for now! The official release date of the print and ebook of The Silver Sword, Book Two of the Dream Merchant Saga is Oct. 22, 2011!

4: What made Rose so obnoxious?

Rose wasn’t born this way. Her life of privilege and her sense of entitlement worked against her. She is so used to having what she wants, when she wants it that when she gets banished from her palace, she struggles with living as a commoner. Part of her obnoxious behavior is that she discovered many people only wanted to befriend her because they wanted to use her title as a princess to better their position in life, so her royal title becomes just as much a curse as the curse itself. That’s also why she clings to Tag, he’s honest to the point of being rude at times, but she knows he’s her only true friend she ever had!

5: How old were you when you started writing?

I started writing late in life! If I told you how old I was, then you’ll either cry out of pity or start laughing cause I’m old enough to be your grandmother!

6: What inspired you to write for a living?

I never started out writing to make a living. It was more of a very intense hobby I had started as a gift for my daughter. My mother died when I was only 9 years old and I thought if something ever happened to me, I’d like to leave something lasting for my daughter to remember me by. If you noticed, there are many life lessons about loyalty, sacrifice, the strength of friendships, etc. woven into my stories.

7: What is the second book about?[no spoiling]

Without spoilers, The Silver Sword now shifts gears and this story focuses on Tag Yairet and his struggles. He’s way behind on his training to be a knight and as the quest to recover the dreamstone continues, he is tormented by self-doubt as to whether he has the skills and the smarts to meet with success while keeping his friends safe along the way. Where The Magic Crystal set the stage and introduces the three main characters, focusing mainly on Princess Rose, this second book centers on Tag and is more action packed than the first.

8: How many books have you made and what are they called?

I have the Imago Chronicles, a 9-novel epic, adult fantasy series of which the first three books have been optioned for a major motion picture trilogy. As for the YA fantasy, The Dream Merchant is a trilogy, so that’s a total of 12 books.

9: Have you met Stephen King before?

No, I haven’t met Mr. King. I know he’s a very popular, talented writer, but I think he might scare me…

10: Do you think my dad's book will be published?

I had a chance to read the first chapter of your dad’s book and he’s a very talented writer! (You should be proud of him!) I can see his book being published one day, but your dad can tell you it’s a tough, competitive business to enter. Fortunately, there also more options to help an author get his books into the hands of the readers!

11: If you were Rose, then what would be your 3 wishes be?

If I had three wishes, they would not be for myself, as I believe there is good karma in wishing for good things for others. Now, if I was Princess Rose making the wishes, I think she’d wish for proper 5-star accommodations wherever the quest takes her, guaranteed safety along the way, and to find her compassion for others so they wouldn’t drive her so crazy when they are just being themselves (plus, a never ending supply of decadent desserts).

Thank you for these wonderful questions, David! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the first novel of The Dream Merchant Saga. Now, go have a great summer and keep on reading!

Thank you for doing the interview for my little boy. I am sure this will help him keep up a healthy love of reading. If you enjoyed this, look up Lorna Suzuki. She is a wonderful friend to have.


Dale Eldon said...

A proud father moment, indeed. What a wonderful interview! Sounds like your boy is a reader like his dad. Very cool.

Jeff King said...

Yes, very cool... and awesome interview.

Michele Shaw said...

Aw! Very cool! loved the interview and Lorna is a favorite of mine:)

Draven Ames said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading about Lorna. You know, I've read one of Lorna's books and it was pretty good. I was happy to have a chance to talk with her on Twitter. She is fantastic to know.

My son also wanted to say thanks. He wants to read some new authors books and interview them now. Let's see what happens. I hope things like this help promote his love of reading.

I loved when he asked if she met King.

Draven Ames

Paul Joseph said...

You can tell your son I think he's awesome. I love seeing kids passionate about books and literature. The fact he wanted to do this is so impressive. I enjoyed his questions and reading about Lorna. The teacher over here gives David an A+!

Draven Ames said...

My son read that with a smile from ear to ear. He said he always gets straight A's (he wishes). Thanks for reading, Paul.

Michael McClung said...

This interview is made of awesomeness.