Friday, May 31, 2013

An Introduction to Diabolique Magazine - "Biggest 'Ah-Ha!' Moments in Writing." - Greg Petaloudis

The following is an introduction to a magazine that tells it like it is. Further articles coming from them.
About Diabolique

About D I A B O L I Q U E:  Just a little over two years ago, a small group of artists, movie industry veterans and writers formulated idea to create a new kind of magazine aimed at discerning fans with a sincere interest in horror (both classic and contemporary) and the macabre… the kind of stimulating genre magazine that treats its readers with respect. The intent was to strive for the highest possible journalistic standards rather than pander to film studios and publish sugar coated press releases disguised as articles. Thus, D I A B O L I Q U E was born... a horror genre magazine that fosters a new kind of genre writing: one that engages the intellect, the heart, and the imagination...  aimed at intelligent adults. 

WHY D I A B O L I Q U E IS  DIFFERENT?  D I A B O L I Q U E is a lavishly illustrated, full color print and digital publication that explores every aspect of the horror genre, including film, theatre, literature, art, music, history and culture. It reveals fresh perspective and analysis of subjects old and new, from ancient folklore and Gothic classics to contemporary film releases and modern literary gems. Each issue overflows with a mixture of reviews, opinions, interviewsand feature articles. Contributors have included such horror genre  luminaries as Jonathan Rigby, David Del Valle, David Huckvale, Paul Murray, and Elizabeth Miller among others. In each new issue, readers will always find insightful commentary and criticism, with engrossing informationcomplemented by unique art, illustrations, and visually stunningfull-color design.

OUR GOAL: We have just produced issue #16, and so far, D I A B O L I Q U E has garnered worldwide acclaim from horror critics, studios, actors, directors and fans alike.  By presenting in-depth coverage & reviews, rare studio art work, visually stunning images, concise commentary & exclusive articles from a world-wide network of established writers and other experts including ones outside the usual genre circuit, D I A B O L I Q U E imparts a fresh perspective on the classics and many other exceptional Horror films that may be totally new to most readers. Additionally, D I A B O L I Q U E is printed on very high quality, heavy gloss paper, so each issue is a true Collector's item!

Many exceptional Horror, Sci-Fi  & Fantasy films have already been produced and are still currently being directed in different countries. Sadly, many that would greatly appeal to American movie audiences go largely unnoticed by "mainstream critics" and horror films fans alike!  D I A B O L I Q U E is changing all that by actively pursuing relationships with  authors & noted critics who specialize in Foreign Horror movies. 

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