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Biggest 'Ah-Ha!' Moments in Writing: Schedule and Wait List

The following is a schedule of the upcoming articles in this web series, in a random order. These are only those who have their article ready and submitted, and it only represents half of those who are involved.

Joe Pulver – Dancing with words – May 20th
Lisa Morton – Gaining confidence – May 22nd
AJ Aalto – Sharpening your dialog – May 24th
Kimberly A. Bettes – Stepping back  – May 26th
Brandon Ford – Drafts – May 27th
Keith Minnion – Full circle – May 29th
Greg Petaloudis – Introduction to Diabolique Magazine – May 31st
Tracy L. Carbone – POV and camera angles – June 2nd
Don D'Auria and Samhain Publishing - Gothic Horror - June 3rd
Deb Nam-Krane  – Write what you know – June 4th
Lawrence Connolly – I know I’m in a good place when I don’t know where I’m going – June 6th
Greg Chapman – Finding art – June 8th
Missy Jane – Changing POV’s – June 10th
JG Faherty - A series of moments in writing – June 12th
Sheri White – Editor about editing. – June 14th
Ben Eads – Magic – June 16th
Norman L. Rubenstein –  JournalStone - Why stories get passed up – June 18th
Benjamin Kane Ethridge – Knowledge bombs – June 20th
Bruce Memblatt – Research – June 22nd
Bev Vincent- Make senses – June 24th
JG Faherty – Speaking at Libraries  - June 26th
Marty Beaudet – Censoring yourself – June 28th
Gemma Files – The Croneberg effect – June 30th
Gregory Hall – Humor in writing – July 2nd
Lynn Hubbard – Building a character – July 4th
Stephen Graham Jones – Not really writing and other moments – July 6th
Nate Kenyon – Writing can be murder – July 8th
Nick Mamatas – Are you sure you want to be a writer? – July 10th
Piper Bayard – Hemingway was right – July 12th
Brian McKinley – Adverbs – July 14th
Stephen Volk – Letting them live – July 16th
India Drummond – The value of broad experience – July 18th
Nancy Kilpatrick – On editing – July 20th
Stacey Longo Harris – Query letters –July 22nd
Frank Duffy –First submissions – July 24th
David Oppegaard – The core puzzle – July 26th
Matt Moore – Appearance –July 28th
Selene MacLeod – Geographical location – July 30th
Marty Young – Sit and write – August 1st
Eden Baylee – Sex in writing – August 3rd
Gwendolyn Robertson – Start, or you may not ever start – August 5th
Bruce Boston – Letting it come to you – August 7th
Geoff Brown- Networking – August 9th
Kevin Lucia – Expanding your reading list – August 11th
Hank Schwaeble – Writing isn’t reality – August 13th
KH Vaughan – Start short – August 15th
Frank Larnerd – The first draft of anything is shit – August 17th
Steve Tem – beyond what defines us – August 19th
Allyson Bird – The artist and society – August 21st
Robert Walker –Commercial fiction – August 23rd
Mark Stone – Research and the author – August 25th
Michael McCarty  - Hooks – August 27th
Tim Waggoner – The devil’s in the details – August 29th
Michael Collings – Meaning in writing – August 31st
Graham Masterton – Writing – September 2nd
Ellie Ann Soderstrom – Structure – September 4th
Matt Moore  – An author and the lingo - September 6th
Tom Barczak – Eaten by the bear – September 8th
Brett J. Talley - Off to the races - September 10th
Mark Halstead - Building the 'Ah-ha!' moment - September 12th
Simon Wood - Realizing I had a style - September 14th
John Hornor Jacobs - THE END - September 16th
Amy Grech - A woman in horror - September 18th
Erin Lale, Acquisitions Editor for Damnation Books - What we want - September 20th
Caren Widner Hanten - Making it - September 22nd
Ronald Malfi - Time machine time - September 24th
Josh Wagner - How to show backstory - September 26th
Maurice Broaddus - Slushy, anyone? - September 28th
Teresa Milbrodt - Tips for surviving the writing life -  September 30th
Stan Swanson - Leave something to write - October 2nd
Douglas Equils - Be a scribe - October 4th
Walter Greatshell - Fast or slow zombies - October 6th
Frazer Lee - On Listening - Writing as Fugue State - October 8th
Laird Barron - Observed details - October 10th
Jeani Rector, Founder and Editor at The Horror Zine - A Day in the Life the Editor -October 12th
Weston Ochse -  My Aha Moment,Thirteen Years in the Making - October 14th
John Peters - Where to begin - October 16th
Jeani Rector, Founder and Editor at The Horror Zine - What Does it Take to be a Successful Short Story Writer? - October 18th
Norman Prentiss - Working title - October 20th
Nicola Chey Matthews - Wherever the wind - and your characters - may take you - October 22nd
Timothy Deal, Editor and Publisher at Shroud Magazine - October 24th
Max Booth III - Dark Moon Digest -  Easy to be published...and taken advantage of - October 28th
Roy Robbins - Bad Moon Books - October 31st
Brad Hodson - Building tension - November 2nd
Jean Lauzier - Family Support - November 4th
Leah Bobet - Letter from Ideomancer - November 6th
Kirstyn McDermott - Out loud - November 8th
Brian Matthews - What a co-op taught me - November 10th
Rachel Nussbaum - Let it click - November 12th
R. Thomas Riley - Profanity in writing - November 14th
John R. Little - Moving to longer forms - November 16th
Wrath James White - Write the story only you could have written - November 18th
Mark Allan Gunnells - Ghosts stories - November 20th
Chad Helder - Allowing the unconscious to Enter - November 22nd
Joe Gazzam - Writing for yourself? Not as a screenwriter - November 24th
Robert Dunbar - Harry Potter and the lightning bolt - November 26th
Kevin McClintock - One bird, no stones - November 28th
John Palisano - Writing in the digital age - November 30th
Charles Day - Why I'm a YA novelist - December 2nd
Paul Tremblay - Not horror - December 4th
Dee Anne Finken - Concise writing - December 6th
Lisa Mannetti - Researching a period piece - December 8th
Lisa Mannetti - Plot Resolved through character - December 10th
Joe Buff - Listen to your agent - December 12th
Brian Hodge - Going Through Hell - December 14th
Gary Braunbeck - Who to Write For - December 16th
Jack Dann - Listening to the Little Man - December 18th
Tartarus Press - Questions Answered - December 20th
Joe McKinney - Great Aha Moments in Writing - December 22nd
Lucy Snyder - Two Big Moments - December 24th
Frank Hutton - Be a Brave New Voice - December 26th
John Everson - Strangle Your Inner Critic - December 28th
Nancy Kilpatrick - On Editing - December 30th
Jeani Rector - Interview with an editor - January 2nd

James R. Beach - Interview with the Editor in Chief of Dark Discoveries magazine - Second to last
Ramsey Campbell –Nausea in horror – Last

And here are some authors who have committed but have not sent in articles as of yet. Most of these have given a confirmation, but just need more time. Once their articles are in, they will be put into the schedule.

Aurealis – Michael Pryor- Possible
Linda Addison – poet
Jeremy Barlow – (possible, will find out in June)
Bill Breedlove
Kealan Patrick Burke
Mort Castle -Mid Summer
ChiZine – Contact July
Timothy Deal
John Everson
Fears Magazine
Jeffrey Ford
Neal Hock
Nancy Holder – Write tight – Monday
Frank J. Hutton – June
Joe Lansdale
Jean Lauzier
Michael Marano – Buying a house – Needs more time
Joe McKinney
Norman Prentiss – September
Raw Dog Screaming Press – Contact beginning of June – Should have something then
Loren Rhoads
Jo-Anne Russel
Jeremy Shipp – 2 weeks – Anthologies and getting accepted
Jason Sizemore – Apex – Beginning of June
John Skipp – Another week and he might be able to
Max Weinstein – Editor at Diabolique – Future piece
Mark West
Jay Wilburn

UPCOMING INTERVIEWS - after the series
Rocky Wood (President of the HWA)
Richard Chizmar (Founder of Cemetery Dance)
Jeani Rector (The Horror Zine)
James R. Beach (Dark Discoveries)
Ellen Datlow (One of the best known editors in the world)

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this, and to all of the writers, editors, publishers, or magazines that have not finished their piece yet. As you help other writers with these insights, you help me grow. For that, and for your valuable time, I will forever be in your debt.

If you do not find your name on either list, feel free to contact me. If you are not a part of this series and would like to be, contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or here.

~ Draven Ames

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