Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wanna Bet? - Brett J. Talley - Biggest Aha Moments in Writing

What did it take for me to write a book? I just needed the right inspiration—competition. Or should I say, gambling. Sure, I’d written things before. Short-stories, essays, even a few pieces that approached long fiction. But a book? Impossible. I have the attention span of a goldfish. No way I could write the same story for weeks on end. Nay, months. But I had a friend who was a fantastic writer, and she made an interesting proposition. She bet me that she could finish her book first.

Now, I’m a nice guy, and I figured it would help her to get done with her project. What I couldn’t imagine is the effect it would have on me.

I became a writing fiend.

Every day, I’d write. Friends would go out for drinks. I wrote. People from work trained for marathons.

I wrote. Old buddies met girls and got married.

I wrote. Before I knew it, I’d finished one book and started on another. And another. And another. I discovered a passion I never knew I had. I’d become an addict. All I needed was the right inspiration.

So what’ll it be? Maybe it’s time to find someone you can challenge to a little race. After all, aren’t you ready to finally write the next great American novel, the one you’ve been stewing over for months or even years?

Don’t think you can do it? Wanna bet?

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