Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Blood News - By Laura Gamel

As part of our Halloween month, we will be hosting stories that are written by fans of the blog and other writers. Today's story comes from Laura Gamel. She brings us a short, 1200 word scare.

The Blood News
By Laura Gamel

“Hello and Welcome to the Blood News. It’s where the informed Vampire goes to get a taste of what’s going on in the world. I’m Thad Thompson. Tonight, I have with us Bela Lugosi. He did the unthinkable; he posed as a human and worked among them. Please welcome my guest, Bela Lugosi.”

Bela walked onto the sparse stage. He still hadn’t aged at all. Tonight, however, he wasn’t in his well known “Vampire attire”; tonight, it was a black sweater and jeans.

“Welcome, it is amazing you don’t look a day over a 40.”

“Thank you, but I’m a hundred and twenty-six.” His voice was deep and he looked right into Thad’s green eyes.

Thad was visibly shaken. A racing thought reared Thad’s true feeling to himself. Why did they ask a human to do this job, anyway? Lately he was contemplating asking one of them to turn him. He wanted to be young forever. He didn’t want to lose his health or his California good looks as he got older.

“Well, I hope I look that good when I’m your age.” Thad adjusted his red power tie for the tenth time. Bela just looked at him. Thad knew in his heart that Bela received the implied message and he wasn’t going to take the bait. The grin disappeared from Thad’s overly tan face. “Can you tell me when you became one of the undead?”

“Yes, I remember it well.” Bela closed his eyes for mere moment. “It was the year 1911.I was working in a theater in Budapest. My stage manager and I became great friends. One night, after a great operetta, we went out to celebrate. I drank way too much and so did he. He almost killed me. His choice of drink for the night was my blood. Not being able to believe what he did, he crossed me over. That was the beginning.” Bela chuckled lightly and licked his lips.

“Were you angry with him, did it change your ambitions at all?” Thad asked. He didn‘t like the grin that Bela was wearing. Thad pushed back into his chair just to make sure he kept his distance.

“No, matter of fact I became much better at what I did. At first though, it was hard. There was a new set of rules I had to live by. As time went on though I realized that most of the rules had never been broken and the consequences never tested. I decided to challenge them.” Bela was at ease and his rhythm of speech was hypnotic. He looked into space, searching for his memory.

“So what did you do?” Thad was trying his best not to be afraid.

“My first real test came in 1916. I joined the military. During that time I lived just like any other soldier except for one thing. When a soldier was alone and about to die, I helped him along. I would drink his blood and send him peacefully over to the other side. This also sustained me. I was wounded several times and as you can see I didn’t die. Matter of fact, I healed in record time to the amazement of my doctors.” Bela shifted in his leather chair.

Thad was in awe but still petrified of the man sitting in front of him. In the back of his mind, he knew what he had to do at the end of the show. “No-one caught on?” An innocent question Thad thought.

“I always drank from an open wound. So, there were no puncture marks. Clever huh? My coloring was explained by a rare family disease.” Bela just smiled, fangs flashing.

“That’s fascinating. Please continue. I find your tale riveting.” Thad believed he had put enough curiosity into his questions. After all, he thought, one day he’d be one of them. Who better than Bela to turn him?

“Well that little stint in the military helped me realize that everything I was told about my new life was a lie.” Bela furrowed his brow, his voice became deeper. “So I decided to move to New York in 1921. When I arrived I did a few roles on Broadway. Since most of the plays were done at night my coloring never caused a reaction. Besides, I always wore stage makeup. Eventually I began to wear it all the time. That made moving around in daylight much easier.” Bela winked at Thad as if sharing a secret.

Thad stammered, He could feel his color rising. Why was he blushing for a man - a vampire? “When did you get your role as Dracula?”

“In 1927. I thought it was ironic. Me, playing a vampire. It was amazing. Making movies was definitely a different world. They had researched all the old folk tales and myths. I was playing a role that was the total opposite of the truth. I requested that I do all my own makeup. So I did the reverse; I took my makeup off and everyone on the set thought I was a makeup wiz. Goes to show what humans will allow themselves to see when given a little push.” He laughed.

“Rumor was that you were a drug addict and committed yourself to the State Hospital. Is that true?” Thad was hoping to get the scoop, or some piece of dirt that would show the Network that he could do the hard interviews. He didn’t realize that Bela was reading his thoughts loud and clear.

“Yes and No.” He paused before continuing. “I was having withdrawal from not having any blood. I had reduced my intake to almost nothing and it showed. So I let everyone think I had a problem. I checked myself into the hospital. I waited until I was considered a has-been and quietly disappeared.”

“Well that’s all we have time for. I have truly enjoyed speaking with you.” Thad moved forward to shake Bela’s hand.

“Thank you. I am glad that I finally got to set the record straight.”

The camera cut away from Bela and focused on Thad only. “Thank you for joining us tonight. I hope this has enlightened vampires everywhere. This is Thad Thompson saying goodnight.”

Bela stood up and headed off stage.

“Sir!” it was Thad scurrying up behind Bela. “Sir, I was wondering if I… well if you could turn me. I really want to be a vampire.”

Bela looked at him. He knew the true reasons for Thad wanting to be one of the undead. They were for pure gain. He didn’t give a damn about Vampires and their way of life. So Bela agreed.

“Thad right?” Bela had to suppress his will to laugh. “Well, meet me in an hour at the Blue Moon.” With that Bela left the set and waited.

Thad left the set 20 minutes later. Upon stepping outside he was met by a startling creature. “Bela?”

“Have you changed your mind?” asked Bela.

“No sir. I can’t wait!” His voice cracked and went up a few octaves.

Bela grabbed him and sank his teeth into the soft flesh of Thad's neck. Thad’s eyes opened wide when he realized what was happening. He wasn’t being turned. He was being murdered. Just before he expired he heard Bela say “Don’t underestimate the power of a Vamp.” With that Bela finished him off and let him drop to the ground. Thad hit with a dull thud. He was right the Network would definitely notice him now.

The End

Laura Gamel is currently a member of RWA and NOLA Stars RWA's local group. She's an aspiring author who loves to write. She says she's been writing forever - in other words, since she could hold a pencil. She loves a blank piece of paper that is waiting to be given a life.

Laura just finished her crime story and is now working on two books. One is a paranormal and the other is a horror. She is also currently shopping her second children's book. The Flood gates opened and she has a ton of ideas for new books that she can't wait to write.


Draven Ames said...

Thanks for sharing this story, Laura. I enjoyed this sort of interview with a different sort of vampire. Thanks for letting us post it.

Bela Lugosi really a vampire? Hmmm.

kimberlyabettes said...

Great story!

Draven Ames said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kimberly. Yours is next.


clraven said...

really loved this. It was very entertaining and we're so glad Thad didn't get turned. The world doesn't need immortal perma-tans :) Love the idea of Bela removing his makeup to look the part.