Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taking Submissions - Pay it Forward #5

Now taking submissions from any of my writing friends who would like to publish a 500-1500 word horror story. Rules are pretty simple: Use manuscript format, double space, 12 point font and Email them to me. You can write about anything you wish, but it will be subject to tastes. No animal abuse, graphic sex or child abuse. I would like these in the next week so that we can get them up for Halloween.

Some blogs you should check out. Kimberly Bettes writes a powerfully moving piece about an accident she went through. It reminds you of the things you take for granted and gives you a new sense of appreciation for what you do have. Kimberly has been through a lot, and I wanted to spotlight this story. Stop by and show her some love.

Jenny Hansen writes another great blog. This one has the top four motivators for writers. She looked up the biggest motivations for employees and switched it around to be about writers. Pretty cool. Check out her blog.


Matthew MacNish said...

Thanks for sharing the list, Draven. Hopefully we can get a few more sign ups today!

Draven Ames said...

Thanks for stopping by today, Matthew. The blog hop should be fun.