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Biggest 'Ah-ha!' Moments in Writing Web Ring

Thank you to all the authors, editors, and magazines that made this web series about writing possible. I was only able to put this giant ring of essays together, each detailing an author's biggest 'Ah-ha!' moment in writing, because of all of you.

For those who haven't heard of this web series: What is the Biggest 'Ah-Ha!' Moments in Writing Web-Series?

Who is in this web series you might ask? Below is a list of all the authors involved, as well as a link to their post. Most of the authors are Bram Stoker winners and nominees from the last ten years or so. I hope you will read this, remembering to pass it on to other writers and people who have a love of writing. Remember, this 'web book' was put together for all new writers, so they would have a free resource to study their craft.

Please feel free to share this web-ring with others.

Michael Knost - "The Aha! Moment"

Joe Pulver – Dancing with Words

Lisa Morton – Gaining Confidence

Kimberly A. Bettes – Don't Believe Your Eyes

Brandon Ford – Drafts

Keith Minnion – Full Circle

Greg Petaloudis – Introduction to Diabolique Magazine

Tracy L. Carbone – POV and Camera Angles

Don D'Auria and Samhain Publishing - Gothic Horror

JG Faherty - Thoughts on Writing

Sheri White – An Editor Talks Shop

Norman L. Rubenstein –  JournalStone - An Editor's Biggest 'Uh-Uh!' Moments

Benjamin Kane Ethridge – Knowledge is Power

Bruce Memblatt – The Importance of Research

Bev Vincent- I Smell an A-ha Moment

Marty Beaudet – Being ****ing True

Gemma Files – The Croneberg Method

Gregory Hall – Strange Bedfellows

Lynn Hubbard – Building a Character

Stephen Graham Jones – Three Moments

Nate Kenyon – A Good Knifing

Nick Mamatas – Writer or Filmmaker?

Piper Bayard – Hemingway was Right

Brian McKinley – Adverbs

Stephen Volk – She Spoke

India Drummond – The Value of Broad Experience

Nancy Kilpatrick – On Editing

Stacey Longo Harris – Writing a Successful Query

Draven Ames - I'm Not Ready

David Oppegaard – The Core Puzzle

Marty Young – Sit and Write

Gwendolyn Robertson – Start, or you may not ever start

Bruce Boston – Letting it Come to You

Geoff Brown- Networking

Kevin Lucia – Changing My Thought Process

Hank Schwaeble – Letting Go of Reality

KH Vaughan – Where to Start

Frank Larnerd – The First Draft of Anything is Shit

Steve Tem – Beyond What Defines Us

Allyson Bird – The Artist and Society

Michael McCarty  - Big Bangs

Tim Waggoner – The Devil’s in the Details

Michael Collings – My Aha Moment in Writing

Graham Masterton – Rules of Writing

Ellie Ann Soderstrom – Creativity Without Walls

Matt Moore  – An Author and the Lingo

Tom Barczak – Eaten by the Bear

Brett J. Talley - Wanna Bet?

Simon Wood - Hidden Agendas

John Hornor Jacobs - THE END

Amy Grech - Why I Write Horror

Erin Lale, Acquisitions Editor for Damnation Books - What We Seek

Caren Widner Hanten - They Are Waiting

Ronald Malfi - The Best

Josh Wagner - How to Show Backstory

Maurice Broaddus - My Aha Moment

Teresa Milbrodt - Tips for Surviving the Writing Life

Stan Swanson - Little Moments

Douglas Equils - My Aha Moment

Walter Greatshell - Fast or Slow Zombies

Jeani Rector, Founder and Editor at The Horror Zine - A Day in the Life an Editor

Weston Ochse -  My Aha Moment,Thirteen Years in the Making

John Peters - Where to Begin - Right in the Middle of the Action

Jeani Rector, Founder and Editor at The Horror Zine - What Does it Take to be a Successful Short Story Writer?

Norman Prentiss - Change in Direction

Roy Robbins - Bad Moon Books - You Like What?

Brad Hodson - Building Tension

Kirstyn McDermott - Out Loud

Brian Matthews - My own Worst Enemy

Rachel Nussbaum - Clicking Together

R. Thomas Riley - Profanity in Writing

John R. Little - Moving to Longer Forms

Wrath James White - Only You

Mark Allan Gunnells - Going Ghost!

Chad Helder - Allowing the Unconscious to Enter

Joe Gazzam - Screened Writer

Kevin McClintock - Bird Writes

John Palisano - Writing in the Digital Age

Charles Day - Why I'm a YA Novelist

Paul Tremblay - My Aha! Moment

Dee Anne Finken - Concise Writing

Lisa Mannetti - Researching a Period Piece

Lisa Mannetti - Kamikaze Plot Rescue 

Joe Buff - Listen to your Agent

Jack Dann - Listen...

Joe McKinney - Career Counseling

Lucy Snyder - Two Big Moments

Frank Hutton - Be a Brave New Voice

John Everson - Strangle Your Inner Critic

Nancy Kilpatrick - On Editing

A Hand Selection of other authors will be added in the near future.

Thank you to all who have taken a part of this, read this, and to all those who share this with someone.

~ Draven Ames

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